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Benner Farms is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
We offer affordable boarding rates for horses. forex meaning in urdu

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The 20 acre pasture is triangular in shape with a gentle slope providing a dry field, good grass and water, with shelter against rain and snow.  All horses share the open field with run-in barn of 40 x 16 dimension.

Next year we will have an outdoor arena 200' X 100' and a horse barn for boarding, with tack room, riders lounge with creature comforts of home.
Services:  Benner Farms provides a friendly, fun and inexpensive pasture for your horse to board.  Tack room and trailer parking is provided free for all boarders and guests.  An arena is coming this spring, and the National Park is within 1/2 mile.  We have one boarding rate:

Field Boarding:  $150.00 per month

      Field Boarding, the horse remains outside with the opportunity to stand under a run-in barn shelter.  Benner Farms will provide hay, feed (as specified by owner), and water to the horses two times per day.  We will dress the horse in the owner provided blankets and remove as weather dictates.  Benner Farms will oversee the field fences, grass conditions, and security.

Benner Farms requires the horse owner to care for the well being of their horse such as farrier services, and all grooming.  We provide new members with a list of other horses and owner contact information.  Members are encouraged to contact one another, and work jointly to care for each others horse. forex trading

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gently slope for good water drainage

Location:  Starting from the square in Gettysburg; ride your horse eastwards towards Hanover on the Old Hanover Road (Route 116), crossover Rock Creek and up past Benner's Hill on the battlefield.   After you crest the hill, ride for 1/4 mile and turn right on Highland Avenue Road.   Follow the road past the Civil War statue for the 16th PA Cavalry as it bends, then down and up the hollow.  You can't miss the 4 rail fence.  Our field can be seen on the west side of Route 15, located south of Hanover Road and north of Baltimore Pike.

Our clients, our horses, consider this an idyllic setting, providing the pastoral comforts they've been looking for in a rustic environment.  They call it the "country club".  The photographs below are distinguished board members.

Requirements:   We ask all horses staying at Benner Farms to have veterinarian records for the past 12 months.  We advise riders to keep copies of veterinarian records in their horse trailer at all times.  Please have your horse check by a veterinarian prior to arrival and copies of all tests are to be provided to Benner Farms.  We maintain records for all horses and ask they be updated every 3 months to insure a healthy environment for all horses. fx services pakistan

Required tests and vaccines to be performed prior to any horse visiting or staying at Benner Farms:
    1)  Coggins
    2)  WNV - West Nile Virus
    3)  PHF - Potomac Horse Fever
    4)  Streptococcus - Strangles
    5)  Rabies
    6)  EWT - Eastern & Western Encephalitis, Tetanus
    7)  Botulism
    8)  Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis boosters within 60 days.

Boarding Agreements

    1)  Have Fun at all times and be kind to others.
    2)  All riders and guests must sign a release before entering the farm.
    3)  Help other people whenever possible and communicate information.
    4)  Regular Veterinarian and dental exams are required.
    5)  Care for your horse on a daily basis.  
    6)  Clean up after yourself and your horse.
    7)  Riding a horse is an inherently dangerous activity.  Think, "Safety First!"
    8)  A rider should wear protective gear such as a helmet and vest.
    9)   Please control your horse.

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Manassas Battlefield information will follow as well, but that's down in Johnny Reb's territory, south of the Mason-Dixon and Mosby's Raiders territory.  The good Virginian's were part of the Loudoun County Raiders during the war, they were on the side of the Union and good'ol boys.

Morven Horse Hospital is located in Leesburg and Ball's Bluff Battlefield.  Private A. Benner of Cole's Cavalry, 1st Maryland, Potomac Home Guard, Taneytown, MD was shot in the face in 63... 1863 while in defense of the Union position in Leesburg, Virginia.  He wasn't too handsome, but he looked good on a horse.  True story!

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